Saturday, April 14, 2012


There I was sniffing in a bush minding my own business.

 When all of a sudden that hissing, spitting Stalker Cat launched its self at me and scratched my nose drawing blood! 

I never done nothing to it!

 But I tried chasing it down the road, in case it hurt my mummy *that scared it for sure*

Shame I was on my lead, or I would have chased it a lot further!

Why oh why do pussy cats have to be soooo nasty to me?

 I likes them, but they never has the manners to find out, they just attacks me *sob*

But I likes the chewie mummy gives me to make up for the nasty experience.

  I would prefur it if they was liked us doggies, and said hello first before deciding they don't like me..

So please, all my pussy cat friends that know me, can you please pass the message on.

 I'm not a bad pup unless you attack me first!!!



  1. Cats are evil, don't you know? - but don't tell Jill ;-)

    Poor Badger Boo.

    Lesley x.

    1. Shhhh *puts paw to lips* I won't bark a word BOL

      Badger Boo xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Your right Nellie, he was very mean!!!

      My little nose is still sore tonight :o(

      Badger Boo xxx

  3. Bad cat! Hope you are ok Badger, and feel cheered up by your chewie x

    1. I sure do love my chewies, makes the world seem a better place nom nom nom

      Badger Boo xxx


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