Smile it's the Weekend

Did you know smiles are infectious? Everypawdy is always so tired at the end of the week and desperate for the weekend to begin. 
So I thought why not give them all a little Friday Smile to get the weekend started early.

"Smile it's The Weekend" Blog Hop opens every Friday lunchtime(ish) and closes at midnight on Sunday, the only thing I ask is that you link your post back to this weeks post in some way, that way your readers will know where to go if they wish to join in the Hop.

At some point over the weekend I'll share your posts on twitter and add them to my dedicated "Smile it's the Weekend" Pinterest board.

Don't forget to visit others in the Blog Hop to say hello, after all it's you that makes a Blog Hop a success, plus it's a great way to meet new people and follow new blogs.

It's really simple to join in:-

To add your post to the Blog Hop just click the blue "Add Your Link" button below the post and follow the simple steps.


 If you would like to add the whole blog hop and everybodies links to your own post click on "Get the Inlinkz Code" then add the code in the HTML part of your post.


There's even a smart badge at you can add to your post, just copy and paste the code below the badge into the HTML part of your post.

You can find this weeks "Smile it's The Weekend" post here.


Have fun and keep smiling.

**waves paw**

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  1. I came over to link up and there is no link ... I used your on my post. Is it not happening this week ... I was looking forward to some smiles ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. **waves paw** Hello Miss Andrea and Izzi thank you for wanting to join in, I gave mummy a good telling off for forgetting to add where to find the post each week. She has now sorted the error out. The badge links to here to tell people what Smile it's Friday is all about and so they can easily find the code from other people's blogs.

      That way the same badge can be used over and over again, as you can only add one destination point, otherwise I would have to get mummy to make a new badge every week, and if someone clicked on an old badge they would end up on a post with a closed link anywhere on my timeline. It is common practice especially if a link up has rules that must be followed like mummys favourite Silent Sunday.

      Sorry for the confusion xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you for your comment although a little mean. If you'd been brave enough to add your name I'd have published it as everypawdy is entitled to their opinion.


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